Performance Parts and Fabrication Service Shop

Competitively Priced and The Largest Variety of Performance Parts

We are the largest performance parts supplier in Minnesota and our goal is to use the knowledge and experience we have to improve the performance of your vehicle. Performance runs in our family with a combined 50+ years of chassis and performance enhancements; you could say hot rod runs in our veins.

We have more then the national competitors and beating their pricing, but where we really dominate is we have even better performance parts and the knowledge to combine a recipe into a masterpiece!

Our goal is to make you happy with the end result and to meet and exceed your expectations. Our business is locally owned and we improve the performance of your vehicle be it street, race, show, drag or even mudding - we love making the best performance cars and trucks!

Your Experts in Automotive Performance

  • SFI training
  • Performance Experts
  • Chassis and Fabrication Services
  • NHRA Rules Experts and Experience in all specs
  • Largest Square Footage Performance Shop in Minnesota

Not only do we sell high quality performance parts, we install and customize your vehicle to the greatest levels you desire. We have all the auto accessories you want - pick up the phone and call us to get the best prices (even compared to the "big guys")!